French Organic Coffee

$17.00 CAD

Unapologetically sweet and smokey, this dark and full-flavoured roast lingers with cinnamon notes and undertones of nutmeg. French Roast is made with great coffee beans from Colombia, roasted as dark as we dare to go.

We Love: Don't have an espresso machine? No worries. It will taste delicious when brewed in a french press. You will need a grinder as our coffee collection is available in whole beans ONLY.

What: Whole bean medium dark coffee
Weight: 454g – 1lb
Serving Tip: To make a great espresso, latte, cappuccino or Americano: start with a very fine grind, high-pressure espresso machine, fresh cold water and enthusiastic taste buds. Ideal extraction should be 20-30 seconds per double shot into a pre-warmed cup. Look for deep, syrupy, toffee-toned crema and enjoy without delay.
Although they are unlikely to cross paths in real life, the coffees that make this Espresso blend play really well together thanks to Level Ground Trading secret recipe. Farmers in Ethiopia, Bolivia & Peru are all farming using organic methods.

Read more about the African coffee farmers that produce these delicious coffees on "The Crafters" section of our website.

• Level Ground Trading is the company that trades fairly and directly with the small-scale farmers who make the delicious coffees, teas and cane sugar we love so much.
• Level Ground Trading coffees, teas and cane sugar are suitable for vegetarians
• They contain no preservatives or artificial colorings
• Unopened Level Ground Trading products should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place, like a pantry or inside a kitchen cupboard. They will stay fresh for up to the expiration date written on the package