U-Shopper Bolga Basket NO. 01

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Bolga baskets are one of our favourite treasures here! Handmade, fair trade, stylish and eco-consious, they check so many boxes for us. In addition to their visual interest, these baskets are ideal to take along on your shopping trips, and also the perfect home for potted plants and a creative storage solution for toys, magazines, throws, extra toilet paper rolls and bathroom towels.

These beauties are woven by hand from the elephant grass that grows in Bolgatanga, in Northern Ghana. When they arrive though, they're a bit flat and squashed from their journey. And it's how you will receive them too… But you can easily reshape them by thoroughly wetting them with warm water, moulding them with your hands to give them the shape that suits your heart, and finally letting them air dry. Yep that's it! Easy peasy! PS: You will love their smell when they are wet!

Care: Do not expose to direct sunlight to avoid discoloration.

Note: As with all handcrafted items, there might be slight variations in design, color and size.

Origin: Ghana

Size: Approximately 12"H x 17"W

Materials: Elephant Grass